Friday, May 6, 2011

tgif, happy birdie!

its been a while since aku last jot in somethg in ere. said i wanna do so - but i was not. kinda bz, dat is.. since budak2 dah nak sit for sumative - wit in dis coupla days to come. nak pindah kolej ke a brand new building - so huge and its KSKBUK. i gez its a routine too - a month before Jun/Dec., mmg mcm ni lah. aku bilik aku for the past 2 - 3 days was like.. haiyoooo.. stdnt kuar masuk for so many thgs to be done.. and aku terpaksa be ere and there for classes, revisions, meetings etc etc.

other than dat - nothg much. i am thinkin of someone - but then.. the distance. i knw its not a biggie. but then again - it is somethg, really. its thru the phone i keep myself up to date wit a lot of thgs.. msges and such.

sumative starting trow. by the time start je paper.. marking pun terus kicks in. OSCE too. dowh, terpaksa kena bahagi 3 like most of the time. and aku will be staying in for the marking dis time around.. erm, gez wat? its the same old lads yg goin out to do so - ZB, Hamid and AKI. ZB and AKI - ok la.. senior. dah lama tak tgk dorg kuar from here and do thgs. but Hamid? damn. aku tak faham. yet - lantak la. aku mls nak fikir2. i gez if ur good in licking big boss sticky arse, no matter how lousy ur - ur gonna hit the road alrite. heh!Link


owh, btw - its Ghaz Sanusi aka Ghazari Amri Sanusi's Bird-Day today. knew him for about 9mths now. and thru him - i knew coupla great ppl as well, such as Ikhwan Omar etc. we clicked together well. Ghaz is kinda silly most of the time, but dat silly-ness and sickening-ness in him, s'times makes him kinda nice to be around wit.

Ghaz, HAPPY BIRD-DAY!! wishing u all the very best in life insyaAllah. semoga Allah panjangkan umur, murahkan rezeki dlm keimanan dan ketaqwaan.. jadi anak yg soleh, jadi s'one yg successful in dunia dan akhirat, ameen. its a year OLDER.. and its gonna be (i hope so) a yr wiser, too.. eh?

its ur day, mister. go get some fun! and take a good care of urself, buddy.

Mr Ghazzy the Ghazzgie.
sorry - i cepek the pic from ur FB! hehe


en solo said...

happy birthday En Ghaz !!!~

jerry maguire, jr. said...

en solo - yeap yeap.. if ur lucky, he'll be readin dis. i mean - he's a celeb. he hardly get the chance to pun! haha

Jerung Rimba Putih said...

nice.. gudluck 4 him.. :)

Ghaz Sanusi said...

@en jerry: motep dok kutuk bagai cheQ?

@en solomolo: tq

@en jr: tq tq jugop