Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the star.

twinkle twinkle
lil star..

i love seeing the dark sky at nite. wit stars and a moon on it, of coz. i love stayin in my lil so-called garden - under the stars - staring up to em all giv me sort of calmness in me, soothed me a lot. i remember i've been doin dat since i was young.. and i remember standing for hrs in the porch - lookin up to the sky.

i dun like how the day time takes away the stars. i am always deeply comforted by em. u knw there r always there - up there for u. even when u cant really see em. its like - i dun knw - its like, they always seem to knw how i feel. they will always look beautifully happy - when i am happy. and they do look beautifully sad - when i am sad. its like they r so near to me when i am full of love. and darn bloody far away when i am lonely.

lately - i've been stayin up, sit in the garden and lookin up for stars. it soothes me - when i hav dis feelin dat i am not alone. there r always be someone, somewhere - under the same stars, looking up and wishin for somethg. it sounds crazy - but it helps me when i am down.

its like - altho ppl talk and smile and act like they care - they dun giv me the same sincere understanding feeling dat i get from lookin at the stars.. *sigh*


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