Sunday, May 15, 2011

Selamat Hari Guru!

i wasnt a fav student back then when i was in primary school. most of the cikgu2 there in SRK Selama Jalan Mentri there, hardly knw me pun, let alone my existence thru out the yrs when i was there. but its ok - i dun see dat a sthg biggie. i had my own great moment there, and i still remember em all rite to the time i am writing dis. i was so bloody nerd back there - dad sent me to school, and picked me back home.. sampai la Darjah 5. when finally he bought me a nice basikal to ride on to school. i spent my time - most of the time kat library, and i hate PJs. and when i was in primary school - i break no rules at all, my report cards - thru out the 6 yrs, only once dpt merah.. and u can check my past entry, i cant remember wats the subject then.

i started wit Darjah 1 Biru - a 'B' class, to be compare wit Darjah 1 Merah - they were more glamorous, cunning and smart. a year after dat - after tunggang langgang study and such - i made it to Darjah 2 Merah, and i was so proud God sake. mak too. and i gez - abah as well; for he never showed us pun how he felt - but i knw. dis is the time aku mula belajar like nbdy biz. and gez wat? English was one of the worst nightmare for me. dis is the time bila Puan Onn Lay Wah came into my life - and turned my life into a 'disastrous' kinda moment. i bet - i am not alone.. she's so garang, stern, she made us do thgs, sang out loud, and a lot more.. she loves to throw a hell-session of 'Spelling' time when saper salah banyak, kena denda. and i remember how my left ear-lobe infected dek kuku dia yg panjang, cubit telinga aku smpai luka! God i remember the pain sampai sekarang! and dat was the last time aku kena denda. for aku swore to God, dat aint gonin to happen for the second time, God sake.

and it continues for coupla years.

masuk Darjah 6, Puan Onn tak ngajar English lagik dah. its Mr Letchumanan. he's a real fat Indian guy, tall and big, wit kinda protruded eyes - once he put his eyes on u; u'd go wee wee in ur pants. dats Mr Letchumanan. he made us write a composition using a fountain pen - jst like 'English man do' (which aku still love to use sampai skang - fountain pen, black ink), and he made us shyte in our pants - like every time during his classes. he made us speak no other linggo, except English. he made us do more homework and such. he made us 'read' the diction - not English - BM kinda thang, but Eng - Eng, hell yeah. i remember how he walloped me wit his belt, since aku terlupa bwk buku exercise English during his period. and aku remember how he made me put dua2 tangan aku atas meja and he jst smack em dgn pembaris kayu.. damn, i barely write anythg at all for about a week after dat - mak abah knew about it, but they din say a word. i hav to deal wit the pain - physically, emotionally - alone. but gez wat - i did better than anyone at all in the class, after dat incident. and in English, to be precise.

form 1, aku keluar dr LMS. boarding school. in Ipoh. its a place where abah expected me to learn a bit of ere and there in Arabic - but i remember searching the dictionary on 'Papa Dont Preach' of Madonna.. and La Isla Bonita as well. i developed the love listening to English songs, and i need to understand of wat the heck they were sayin. i started to listen to American Top 40, like every week - pinjam radio senior, berdiri tepi railing hostel; so dat aku dpt reception yg clear. its the time of Where Do Broken Hearts Go of Whitney and a lot more. aku listen to em all, and aku make sure aku understand every bit of it. i started to talk in English as well, read The Stars - and jot down some new words. for at least - dats wat Puan Onn Lay Wah ajar aku. aku love to read the dictionary. u never knw how u can really learn a lot from it, hell yeah! at end of the 5 yrs there - aku scored A1 in English paper and 1119, and aku dpt 7 for Arabic. sucks, big time.

nope. its not how aku belajar English yg aku nak citer in ere. its about how dis 2 wonderful ppl really made me learn thgs in life, appreciate the hardship to win somethg better in life. kalo tak b'coz of Puan Onn Lay Wah, and Mr Letchumanan - i dun think i am rite ere, where i am now. beside mak abah, my family - dis 2 wonderful ppl played a huge role in me.

now, being a lecturer myself - i knw how it is for them. i knw how it feels when ur busy kat depan mengajar, and budak2 kat belakang buat bising. and i knw how it feels - bila ur own stdnts fail, or pass ur paper wit flying colors.

Puan Onn still kat LMS, in the same school. semua ex-stdnts syg dia, hormat dia - for wat she did to every one of us. and Mr Lecthumanan - he's no longer around. heard a coupla versions about his death, but i dun giv it a damn pun. his eyes, his VW biru muda, his huge belly, his big hands and his tali pinggang - i wont forget dat. really.

to u both, and semua cikgu yg pernah mengajar, mendidik aku - rite to wat and where i am now.. Selamat Hari Guru. i knw a simple 'thank you' wont be enuff.

and how i wish i cld do somethg better than jst dat.


Aileen Oon said...

Thanks, Shah. "Happy Teacher's Day" to you too. Better, a lecturer now and I'm proud of you. I love your frankness in relating your past primary school days. I can still remember you or rather how you looked when you were in Yr 5. A good pupil you were. Yeah, I was very stern then compared to now. However, my concern is for all of them to learn English well, to be successful and possess noble values. Hope they are kind and get involved in some kind of social activities voluntarily to help the poor and needy and contribute to society. Be part of our Alumni S.K. Selama and keep in touch! Thanks.
With Love From: Mdm Oon Lay Wah
S.K. Selama, Jln Menteri

jerry maguire, jr. said...

teacher - OMG! ur commenting on mine!! thanks. i am so honored. thank you so much.