Monday, May 23, 2011

pre-clinical HRPB.

first day of pre-clinical posting for the boys and gals. aku plak yg tak berapa lena tido - been havin lot of thgs in mind lately, plus all dis work thang. wat if the posting went haywire? wat if there'd be problems in between? wat if dis and wat if dat. but then - alhamdulillah, thgs went well. all the stdnts seemed to enjoy themselves - learning, facing new thgs. of coz - at first - masing2 mcm kaku, kaget, not knwing wat to do, wat to say and such.. and i believe they jst need some motivation, some guidance and some support - and dats wat aku gave em all thru out the whole day - dari tingkat 1 up to tingkat 8. tercungap2 jap catching breath - tp aku puas hati. seeing their faces - the shine one it, the smile of satisfaction in learning new thgs - dah cukup buat hilang penat lelah aku. cuma aku terkilan dgn few junior lecturers and CIs; yg nampak awal2, but towards the end of it - aku sort of tersedar yg aku buat keje sorang - terkejar2 from one ward to another.. aku din mean to complain. tp aku kecik ati sket.

reached home by 6pm. nothg back at home. aku suddenly feel kinda empty. i mean - dat how i feel lately. no - dis got nthg to do wit watever went around me. or wit whoever dat is. its jst my feeling. thgs r way different now. i feel kinda 'loose'. and i hate dat kinda feeling. perhaps - dats the way it is. ppl change. thgs change as well. nthg wld stay the way it is - forever. tho God knws how i really want it to be dat way - remains un-changed.


aku terserempak dgn Kimi kat ward. wanted to hav sort of words wit him - but i bet he's bz as bee. perhaps - maybe one day we can catch a cuppa kat kantin spital eh?


physically, mentally tired. need to iron baju keje for trow. and i'd Mumu after dat - definitely.

gnite, fellas.


alhaqimi said...

tomorrow pinky boy ada kat sepital...kena rajin lebey ni...clerk sume pt...wakakaka.... =D

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Kimi - i was in pink today, went to 2a and spent time there lama la jugak.. tp tka nampak pun! haha

alhaqimi said...

owh...sorry sir...lambat naik wad...kene settle tutorial dulu td...melepas ag...ahhh....wanna see u in pink!