Monday, May 23, 2011

i miss you.


for whom dis may concern - i knw ur hardly read dis (my blog dat is) anymore. but perhaps, once in a blue moon, u wld. and u will read dis as well. and i hope - u'll understand.

g'nite, pumpkin. i cant wait to hear of u trow. its not normal to not hav u as part of my life. being away from u - has made me want to be wit u even more. u mght find dis funny, u mght find dis cliche and meaningless - but at least, dats how i feel. and dats how exactly how i feel. as for me - ur one truly r a remarkable person. i've never met anyone like u. ur so special, and so precious to me. and its definitely, physically hurts me to think of u mght be wit someone else, then me.

ur perfect to me. and i knw u've said dat u think u hav to live up to being perfect - b'coz i see u dat way. but u dun. its not any of the big thgs dat make u special - its the lil ones. a glance, a touch. a sweet nthgness, ur jokes - damn u knw how to make me laugh.. its those lil thgs dat keep me falling in love wit u - over and over again. its the lil thgs dat count.

i dun see how any other ppl wldnt want to be wit u. now dat i understand. u deserve the best - and i hope i'm good enuff even as i type dis - i can feel u around me, and i love it. i hope dis puts a smile on ur face - b'coz it makes u so damn beautiful.

sweet dreams, pumpkin. i miss u. and u knw i do.


alhaqimi said...


cinta ni...patot la jiwa kacau!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Kimi - jiwa kacau? me? nah! i am not. salah org neh! haha