Tuesday, May 17, 2011

nitey nite.

not an ordinary day today, for me. so many thgs to tell, but i dun knw how to start. and whom shall i tell tale. i dun like myself to be in wat i've went thru since dis morning - but i was left wit no choice. at least - i managed to make mak abah, angah and the whole family happy - for listening to em all, to not say 'no' and refused to comply. and mak knw how aku wld never ever say a single 'no' to her.. i knw i wldnt do dat. i hate to believe in wat they believe. and i hate to believe in wat others make em believe. i knw wat it is. and how i wish i cld jst tell em all the truth.

and at least - all the monmons r around. rumah mak kecoh. mcm nak roboh. they kept me smiling, laughing.

reach home by 9.30pm. its a long slow ride all the way from Selama to Ipoh. quite a lot of cars on the hi-way, and it was raining kinda cats and dogs. i was tryin to restrain my brain from jumping from one to another thg dat makes me thinkin, but u knw i cant help myself. so - i ended up thinkin about so many thgs - tau2 dah smpai depan rumah.

no - i cant do it in ere. perhaps i shld sleep over it. and i am gonna be jst fine by the sunrise, trow.

gnite, ppl.

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