Friday, May 20, 2011


woke up at 4am, aku managed to settled few thgs - slides for a talk on dis 27th, iron baju/suar yg aku patut iron smlm, tp tak jadik.. and cuci bilik air bawah! giler tak? heh. nasib la aku tak do the laundry, cuci kete bagai.. by 5.30am - aku dah 'penat' and mula rasa mengantok.. indeed - geram siot.

its gonna be a long day today - but i cant wait till its over. pagi ni taklimat pra-klinikal budak2 aku, then to the field for dis and dat, ptg full rehearsal for trow.. mlm - the KPPUK Idol Finale - and as a Penasihat Kelab, aku hav to be there.. dah la mlm tadik ada forum, tp aku ponteng.. mls la. its like the whole day kat ofc., surrounded by the same faces - make me feel kinda weird. theres so many changes made by Pengarah - dis is the only thg yg aku tak suka about him; he delegates works, tp at the end of it - he'll go change the whole shait - making everybdy tak senang ati, keje berterabur etc. kalo ko dah bagus sgt - ko buat sendiri. tak pyh nak delegate2.. but then again - aku cuma plain kuli. kemam molot, grit my teeth, and do works je lah!

cant wait till all dis over. cant wait for the weekend too.

u hav a gr8 Fry-Day ppl! and yeah - its TGIF!

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