Wednesday, May 4, 2011



cant really sleep last nite. i crashed my Mumuland around midnite - and by 3.30am in the morn., aku still wondering wat on earth i was doin in the bed - tossing up and down, forcing myself to hav some kinda usual rest, and it failed. my mind was like a machine - it went spinning non-stop, it refused to stop. by 4.30am, aku dah penat, drowsy. 5am - jam dah bunyi.. theres coupla thgs marching up my mind - few thgs, few ppls and such.

its a brand new day. i am hoping for the very best today. i am praying to Allah SWT hoping thgs will get better, thgs will get easier for me insyaAllah.

hav a great mid-of-the-week, ppl. and a very good morning!

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