Wednesday, May 11, 2011

marking, OSCE et al..

its been days since aku last jot thgs in ere. i mean - coupla days back lah. theres a lot to share, few thgs happened.. tp aku tak sempat2 nak write anythg at all - since line internet kat ofis dah few days down and the IT tech. adalah jenis bendol yg tau ckp and complain - tp skop keje seniri pun tatau.. even nak kena report to Streamyx pun nak kena ajar.. ermmm.. and by the time aku smpai rumah - dah lembik, mlm cpt plak ngantok since thru out the day - OSCE, marking, dealing wit thgs kat ofis tu semua dah cukup buat aku mentally exhausted. thus - physically effected too.

still doin the marking. and the scariest part is - paper aku ari neh at 8.30am.. aku harap bdk2 neh bley jwb la..

and OSCE. damn - boring!

its kinda hot lately. i mean - real hot. its the cuaca lah, not me. gtew. i feel like moving around naked je. and mandi like every 30mins. rasa nak duduk dlm fridge pun ada. i am not complaining.. aku tau kerja Allah Taala.. tp - i gez i am jst stating la kot. hehe

hav a great Wet-nesday!

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