Saturday, May 14, 2011

its Saturday!

shldve be at home and enjoying my ample time - but then, i am at work. shldve been doin thgs i wanna do on the weekend - but damn it, i am at work! nah, i am not complaining. coz even if i do - they wldnt giv it a damn pun. so - to stay off from a stress dat building up in me - aku jst take thgs easy. aku jst go wit the flow and do wat i need to do. its a responsibility after all. yet again - alhamdulillah - dis weekend aku tak perlu do the marking; cuma aku need to be in the exam hall, invigilate the exam. tu je.. cuma the duration yg buat aku tertekan sket - 2 hrs ere, 2 hrs there.. kalo back to back senang kira. heh!

it is nice to be around in the exam hall pun. it is nice to knw dat budak2 ni sort of 'lega' bila dorg get to knw yg aku yg bertugas sebagai Ketua Pengawas Exam. perhaps - aku lbey sempoi dgn dorg la kot.. i mean - sebelum exam; aku will always told em all dat jgn meniru and such - and if they r happen to hav any doubts and such - they can always put up their hands up and ask. jst dun ask me for the answer, for i aint gonna do dat. tp sket2 klue - aku tak kedekut pun.. after all - they r all stdnts aku pun. lain la kalo dah bodoh sgt, bg klue pun still muka Tembok China.. aku mintak maaf lah.

pengurusan perjalanan exam/marking paper a bit lousy kali ni. maybe sebab SUP baru.. i dun knw. kalo dulu Mr Zul - he'll make sure thgs r ok, and all the pegawai yg bertugas akan selesa and able to do thgs well. but dis time around - agak cipets sket. blum lagik exam start - SUP dah kuar ke hala tuju yg tak dpt di kenal pasti and such. ermm.. btw - aku jst a ciput lecturer ere. aint somebdy pun. so - i follow.

err, will be back for more. hav a nice weekend, peeps!

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