Tuesday, May 24, 2011

fcukin fairytale.


after all said and done - i still think ur amazing. ppl said i am an idiot. ppl keep on saying 'poor u..' and 'u deserve better than dis..' kinda thang. but i dun knw - i still do think ur awesome. i still cherish every moment i spent wit u, every smile u brought to my silly face. i'll be forever thankful dat s'one like u was brought into my life - even u keep on hurting me, even u keep making me feels like killin u. even if u had to be taken away too soon.

see - u were my miracle. tho i hardly believe in one. u were the fairytale i got to live.

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alhaqimi said...

face to face la...

bincang elok2..

selamat bertabah!