Thursday, May 12, 2011

down wit..


back home by 6.30pm semlm - aku was havin dis strange bodyache, and feels like feverish.. when aku finally decided dat i need to go for a doc. selalunya - if i feel like feverish, aku might as well ended up OTC je - pi farmasi and prescribe needed medicine and balik aku amek. but semlm - belum sempat smpai rumah - aku dah there in the clinic. the lady doc was a nice person to talk to - she agreed dat i was kinda lack of rest, tak cukup tido - further more wit multitask jobs yg i am doin now - invigilate the exam, marking papers and handling the OSCE. futher more - the cuaca yg extraordinary-nya panas.. aku aku plak, jenis yg liat sgt nak minum air w/o any reason. and one thg about bilik mesyuarat tmpt marking paper tu - the air-conditioners tak terasa.. w'pun pasang full blast. air-ventilation is very bad. dah la cuaca panas - imagine do the marking in a room, by noon - masing2 rasa mcm dlm oven? aku tau - ni baru panas dunia.. tp, we all need some sort of conducive environment to do works, aye? dah tak larat bg tau to who it may concern - tp still, tadak perubahan pun. geram weh!

back at home - had some lite dinner, aku amek ubat, done wit my early Isya' and aku hit the crib alrite - for the first time.. i think its like for the first time - aku tdo wit no disturbance at all, aku tak sedar apa, tup2 jam dah jerit2 and its alrdy 5.30am.. alhamdulillah. i am feeling much better now.. w'pun the body-aching is still slightly there, aku feel ok, yeap yeap. nak je aku amek EL - tp kenangkan yg cuti dah kena beku, aku mls giler nak berpantun dua layer dgn Pengarah yg.. err.. heh. think aku shld not start.

aku 'penat' actually. wit so many thgs. work wise - not really helping. the politik-ing, it sucks. at time being - aku jst do wat aku need to do - and more than dat; aku tak interested to knw. aku knw my potential real well, aku work on it well too. theres no use of goin around - lick ppls' shitty arses and pretend dat ur doin work, while everybdy knws dat ur jst a piece of crap. ur nothg. u hav nothg and dats y ur doin ur thang at ur best - lick arses. poor ppl.

i gez dats jst life's is eh? hav a plesant batik day, ppl!

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