Sunday, May 8, 2011

along syg mak!

my mom - Hajah Zaharah Mohd. Rejab..
she's everythg, too!

its Mother's Day, today. i cld see all over in the FB - ppl r wishing dis and dat, ppl posting pics and such - bringin their moms out for a dinner et al, wit flowers, gifts and more. as for me - mak kat kampung.. and i wasnt be able to be back for her, today. and i decided to giv her a call, rite away early in the morn. she was like, 'ye ke? mak tak perasan..' and i wished her so.. and we chatted for a while. and she was like 'tak payah la.. ni dah wish pun dah cukup..' when i came up wit an idea dat i'd bring her out for a good dinner by next week, if i get the chance to go home. she's jst like dat - she'd go askin me more about myself - leavin me sort of small spaces to ask her about herself and abah's too - dis and dat. she'd go askin me about my health, did i eat good foods or not, did i sembahyang cukup 5 waktu or not.. and a bit about works. she persistently - like most of the time; reminding m to take it easy when it comes to work; sayin dat i need more rest and enuff sleeping - so i'd be healthy. well, she's jst like dat.. and dat makes her the most wonderful woman i ever knw.

mak is there for me most of the time - when i need someone to talk to. when i need a shoulder to cry. mak will always be there for me - when i am lost, when i dun knw wat to do wit thgs in life. she loves me for wat i am - she loves me wit no condition at all. be it when i am in deep shyte, be it when i am happy. be it when i fall and stumble - she's there for me. she always there for me.

mak is such a good fren to me. she's happy when i am in love. shes down and sad - when i get dumped. all thru out my life - i hardly remember if she ever scolded me - at all. she'd go raised up her voice now and then - i was a stubborn young man back then. but she's never fail to ring me up - and say sorry for being so - making me melt on the ground and pleaded for forgiveness.

mak once told me, dat how she really loves me - as being an elder son; she loves me lil better than any others. and i remember how i took dat lightly, tellin to myself dat mak was jst 'nak amek hati', when i knw a mother shld be loving her kids - equally. but now - i knw. i realized, for sure. i hate myself for not taking her words, seriously.

mak - Selamat Hari Ibu. along sayang mak. syg sgt2. along mintak maaf, kalo along selama ni, byk nyusahkan mak.. along tau - along wldnt be able to be there for u like most of the time, to spare u like most of my time wit u - jst like wat u did to me all dis yrs - tp along nak mak tau; along is tryin to be the best dat i can.. and along nak mak tau - along tak pernah terlepas mendoakan mak, dan abah untuk yg terbaik - di dunia dan di akhirat nanti..

along sayang mak.