Saturday, April 9, 2011

wit u around.


"when i am wit u - i act differently. i mean - in a good way. i definitely smile more. and i laugh more, for sure. i dun hav to pretend dat everythg is ok, when its really not, God sake. wit u - i can drop the fake smile - and put on a real one. i dun feel hurt, and alone when i am wit u. instead - i feel safe. and loved. ur easy to talk to, and u do listen to me.. tho sometimes, i knw u dun really do.. :-)

wit u around - i dun hav to worry about holdin back wit u. i dun feel self-conscious. i dun ever feel insecure. or sad. u always show me dat u really do care. and i knw ur not jst pretending. i cld see it clearly. and i cld see dat, in ur very eyes. i really appreciate ur company, b'coz wit u - i am different.

wit u - i am happy. and i miss; bein me, wit u around.. "

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