Saturday, April 16, 2011


dear whom-dis-may concern;

i am sorry for the fight dat we'll get into. i am sorry i mght make u cry. i am sorry for lying - if there'll be any. i am sorry if i get jealous. i'm sorry if i act childish sometimes. i am sorry if i am a pain in the arse like most of the time. and i am sorry for everythg dat i'll do to make u unhappy. i thank u for all the smiles dat u'll bring me, all the jokes and happiness u can giv me. i thank u for being there for me when i need u the most. thank u for brightening up my day. if u make me cry - then dats ok. think i kinda used to it. but then - jst dun make dat a habit! if u hold my hand - hold it tight so dat u can make sure dat i dun slip away. or perhaps - drifted away. if u hold me - jst knw dat i wont stop smiling. i want u to knw dat if i ever do slip away - i din want to - but it was s'thg dat i cldnt help. and when i realize how stupid i was - i hope dat u still havent given up on me yet.. and i hope dat u'll be there to giv me another chance b'coz at the end of all dis - ur still the one, God sake.

if u make me cry - then dats ok. they say dat ppl arent worth ur tears, but i want u to be the one dats worth my tears. i knw dat there'll be times where i cant always make u happy. i knw dat there will be times where i wont be able to see u b'coz of so many thgs - but pls knw dat i really jst wanna be wit u right at dat moment and knw dat i jst want u to be in my arms. i'll love it when u make me laugh even if its s'thg completely absurd and stupid, a cheesy pick up line, a silly face - anythg - i'll love it.

i wont fall for any other b'coz i knw how much u'll hate me for dat - and y wld i want all the others when i hav u? i hope dat u can do the same. u dun need to shower me wit gifts and spend every money in ur pocket to hav me alive. i am not the selfish brat or materialistic type. all i want is some of the good quality time. we cld do nthg at all, we cld jst talking to one another all day and i'll be more than satisfied.

wit all dat - i hope u understand. hav a pleasant day ahead!


hows dat? heh.


Jerung Rimba Putih said...

a nice one Ash..
wishing u all the best...

Aby QisIma said...

naturally, there're alwez be ups & downs in either friendship or relationship.. yet, what the most important thing is that of being able to nourish and treasure the moment of being in a relationship, whether it's a special or just a ordinary one..
i guess a phone call would make such a big difference whenever neither parties could able to be side-by-side.. perhaps skype would be much a pleasure.. however, learn to miss and be apart would make u realise that both parties really in need with each other & getting the relationship to move ahead of being more stronger than before..
making mistakes are part of growing up.. hence, forget-&-forgive will ensure boh parties not to repeat the same mistakes, and at the same time u r getting to each other more better than before.. also, u would realise that both parties are actually COUNTING the goods and bads things happened while being together..
shahe, a flat life would be such a boredom, yet mysterious life would, for sure, make life such a honor one coz we'll definitely learn something out of it.. so, to love, to be in love, not to love & not to be in love will never ever be apart from our life b'coz those are the moment that we will cherish & treasure for the rest of our life..
Enjoy ur life while you can and make full use of everything to create history in ur life as it'll bring a smile on ur face whenever you r in need of one.. ... (",)