Tuesday, April 19, 2011

when ur in love..

when u love someone, u gotta make it worth of loving. love him/her wit all ur heart. and make sure u let the respective person knw - dat u do love him/her ur heart out. say it out loud. every now and then - for u never knw if u'll get the chance of doin dat again - by the sun goes up, trow. go make it, say it as much as u can - it'd sound cliche - but who cares? ur in love. and dats all dat matters.

when ur in love - despite sayin it too much; u gotta behave like one. behave like u do love him/her so much - dat nthg can come in between. s'times - u can say it out like thousand times - but when ur not behaving like one; words will always be jst words - and dat aint mean anythg at all. say dat u love him/her - and make sure it appropriately goes along well, wit ur action. remember? ppl say action speaks louder than words - i bet u knw wat dat means. but then again - if its jst actions - wit no words; for me - it wldnt be dat nice. it has to be both - side by side. tell him/her dat u love him/her, and make sure u act accordingly to it.

when ur in love - appreciate the feeling. appreciate the person ur deeply in love wit. for u never knw how its gonna be, trow. and u never knw how'd be dat person - trow.


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