Saturday, April 30, 2011

turn back time? in ur dream.

i woke up early dis morning, wit a nice feeling in me. these past few weeks hav been a drag for me - but lately, i am starting to feel better again. and my heart feels a lot lighter.

there r quite a few thgs i realized recently. for one thg, i realized dat life is too precious t spend feeling sorry for myself, or to constantly ponder on thgs dat i dun hav the power to change anyway. i realized dat s'times, s'thg will spiral out of control, and even tho i never really expected it to happen, i'll jst see it unraveling bfore my very eyes, and i cant do anythg to stop it. i realized dat even tho there r some thgs dat i wished i cld've done differently, its no use agonizing over it, b'coz its alrdy happened.

i've been thru a lot in life, i think. i've made a lot of choices. lot of mistakes. but i've pushed thru somehow - wit Allah's willing, of course. i've been thru a lot of pain and heartaches, headaches - but i've also experienced love, happiness, and joy along wit the not-so-good thgs. and those wee the moments dat i wldnt trade fo anythg, at all.

today, i realized dat even if i were given a chance to go back, if i cld turn back time - i wld be willing to go thru em again. i mght hav a few regrets, but i wldnt change a thang. i am who i am now, b'coz of wat i've been thru. at the end of the day - wats really important is dat i've learned my lessons well and i cld move on wit my life armed wit those lessons, and become a better person - b'coz of em.

most ppl hav so many regret dat if only they cld turn back time, they wld change a lot f thgs. but i think - as for me thinking about it now, even if i hav to go thru all the 'bad thgs' again to experience the good - i think i most definitely wld. it mght sound some kinda masochistic to some - but life isnt jst all about the beautiful thgs. and u knw about dat well, yeah. we hav to experience the bad, to appreciate the good. after all - they r both part of life, aye?

i knw those wonderful memories will only be in the past now. but i'll be lookin back at em all wit smiles, and i definitely will treasure those memories - forever.


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