Wednesday, April 13, 2011


THREE NICKNAMES; shah, shahe, along

THREE PEOPLE DAT MAKE ME LAUGH; my fren Isa, Azman Abdullah, Kie

THREE THGS DAT I LOVE; bath time (berendam dat is), being outside, quality time wit the love ones.

THREE THGS DAT I HATE; carrot, Liquid Paper, being told NO.

THREE THGS DAT I DUN UNDERSTAND; y gals love to paint their toenails (inai too!), y my clothes must match, y ppl loves to eat in front of the idiotbox.

THREE THGS ON MY FLOOR; shoes!! and more shoes. and many more shoes.

THREE THGS I AM DOIN RITE NOW; pretending dat i am SUPAbz so Hafiz wont come in and bug me, updating my blog wit thgs in my head, taking off my tie - its past noon alrdy!

THREE THGS I CAN DO; kick in the pool (i can pee in it, too yeah!), run, put on socks. haha

THREE WAYS TO DESCRIBE MY PERSONALITY; observant, occasionally demanding, keep thgs to himself, always loving.. eh, dah lebih tiga eh? haha

THREE THGS I CANNOT DO; spike time main volleyball (dorang ckp aku pendek), Microsoft Excel (euw!), swim (still!).

THREE FAV FOODS; all the simple thgs, anythg wit cheese, capati of coz.

THREE FOODS I DUN LIKE; carrot, carrot, carrot (its a food, rite? heh. like i care).

THREE BEVERAGES I DRINK REGULARLY; tea-o, tea-o ais limau, lemonade.

THREE SHOWS I WATCH; anythg on Ceria and Cartoon Network, Lie to Me, Parkinson.

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