Monday, April 18, 2011

r'shp, frenshp..


bila berkawan - aku jujur. mak selalu ckp - dari dulu lagi, aku selalu dulukan kwn2 aku. i mean - kwn2 yg baik dgn aku. aku btol2 believe dat 'no man is an island', and aku tak bley hidup tanpa kwn2 around me. once aku commit dlm persahabatan - i'll stick to it. i'll stand for it. i'll take care kwn2 aku dgn baik - emotionally, physically. i wont go hurting em, at all. i'd rather being hurt - rather seeing em, hurt. and becoz of dat - sometimes, ada yg amek peluang 'pijak kepala' and make use of me..

most of kwn2 aku - they knw who i am - rather than they knw wat i am. aku prefer dat way, God sake. they dun hav to knw wat kind a house i am stayin in.. wat kinda car i am driving, wat kinda fancy thgs i prefer in having. but i'll make sure dat i'll be around, i'll be there for them when they needed someone to be around them well. i dun hav to go telling the world who and wat i am capable of doin. i jst need to be there, as a fren shld.

love, frenship shld be around u wit no condition at all. at least dats wat i believe in. u hav to learn to appreciate ppl, to respect them as much as u want em all respect u back in return. u shld listen to em, listen to wat they r saying - rather then u being so damn bloody pushy and makes ppl started to leave u. the principle is easy - if u cant make urself listen to others, dun think others will do very the same, to u as well.


i cld sense theres somethg wrong, somewhere.. but i am not really like to speculate. u mght not telling any lies, but u never knw if ppl around u, r doin the same - to u. i jst hope thgs will be jst fine - and all my bloody hypotheses, r wrong.


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