Wednesday, April 13, 2011

rambut dah tak de..

see - i am smiling.
and dat aint fake!! heh.

i remember while standing in line at Tesco last coupla days - Damia decided to talk to a blad man (and dat aint me!) behind me, by saying "uncle, rambut uncle dah hilang.." kinda thang like dat. i swung my head around to apologize to the dat mid-aged educated look Chinese man; but fortunately he jst replied wit a broad smile and said, "ur right! uncle tau..". thank heavens for sucha sweet understanding ppl!

driving back - i told her how 'tak baik ckp kat uncle mcm tu..' and she bluntly said 'Damia ckp je.. mana tau'.. wit her mulut muncung2. hahaha.. i think i may hav to hav a lil talk wit lil Dammy about not sayin everythg dat is in dat precious lil head of hers. i hav to admit tho dat after i was safely away - i called her ummi and told her of the conversation - and we both died laughing. darn she's complaining a lot nowadays - including recently how her 'ummi suap ubat tak sedap.. tp walid bagi sedap' and dammit - its the same Brufen syrup. bley?

darn dat gal is hilarious!

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