Monday, April 25, 2011


its about time when u hav to let go those who makes u feel worthless, useless and make use of u for their own sake, and soak up the rays of those who make u feel like a million bucks. u hav to fine someone whos the best possible person for urself, and who makes u feel darn amazing. i knw how it feels. dammit - i knw how it feels. it mght be hard for u to let go - but then; u always do hav choices - to appreciate ppl around u who loves u for wat ur in no matter at all, or u to go ga ga over someone who only knws wats best for him/her.

its not about the looks. its not about the money. and yeah - its not about pickup lines.

dis time - its about how u heart feels. how u feel. and how u want to feel.

hav a great days ahead, peeps! and happy Moan-Day!

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