Wednesday, April 13, 2011

life? g'morn., anyway!

life is freakin short!


in life - we do thgs. s'times - we wish we had never done thgs we've done before, and s'times we wish we could re-play a million times. but - perhaps u never knw dis. or perhaps, too - u knw dis - but u cant help wishin so. the truth is - they make us who we r now, and in the end of the day - they shape us. and detail us.

if we were to reserve em all, we wldnt be the ppl we r, today. so i gez - we shld jst live life. live life, and learn. make mistakes and much as we can - and we learn. live life, and hav a tremendous, wonderful memories. but never second gez who ur, where u've been and most importantly - where ur goin.

live life. love life. be free. dun let life, leaves u!

hav a pleasant Wed., yo!

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