Thursday, April 21, 2011

let go!

jst let go..
and move on!

hav u ever reminisced on s'thg in the past - thinking of every possible way u cld hav changed it, made it last - like forever, made it work? u spend ur days waking up - thinking about it; goin thru ur day thinking about it, and goin to the bed thinking about it - hoping and preying dat it'll come back? darn nthg last forever! and dats the fact.

we got thru our lives thinking about yesterday and not today. ur in denial - heart aching and regretting. we're young, we r reckless and we r alive. we make mistakes, we lose ppl dat we love along the way and still - dats jst the way life works. life's jst like dat!

letting go isnt weak or giving up. letting go is growing up.

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