Friday, April 1, 2011



i am done wit conducting the aerobic session dis morning; over the assembly. around 400ppl - stdnts, staffs and such. Pengarah too, kicked of Minggu Kempen Pemakanan Sihat Peringkat ILKKM - so he wanted to hav sort of physical activities; and nama aku naik. since dats wat they want - aku on je.

done wit tabulating the Psychology nyer marks too - dah submit ke SUP pun. thank God - after like days i was havin headache, bored to death dealin wit all the scripts - i can now smile a bit, for the time being. a bit, of coz.

leavin the buildin now. i mean - nak balik packin et al. i am leavin for KL for the whole week, next week - since ada kursus kat INTAN Wilayah Tengah (INTENGAH). goin to meet up Pinkie, Azman, Bahar, Nazri et al - darn i cant wait.


still feels kinda drowsy. i wish i cld hav a proper crash, before aku leave soon.

and if u see any updates - u then shld knw, i am alrdy out of ere.

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