Friday, April 8, 2011

learn to fly.


glad to be back. its been a week since aku last updated the blog. not dat i dun wanna write - i do. i did bring my netbook around pun. tp - when ur on the move, ur head occupied wit thgs yg buat u feel sesak and suffocate - aku tak bukak langsung beg netbook, for God sake. and not dat i dun hav thgs to write - i do. somethg about the feelin inside, routine thgs to share, thgs i've learn and such. ppl around me, et al.

had a great time spent wit Pinkie and her tunang - Zainal. wit MT, Bahar and Azman as well. we great time chatting about thgs - and Pinkie; she was so in-deep wit her less-than-a-100-days d'day to come. i knw how it feels for her, really. and i am sharing it well, as well. she's one of my very best pal, of coz - dammit i am happy for her. Pinkie/Zainal - i am praying thgs will be great, perfect in every single thgs to come insyAllah.

INTENGAH - i had a good time. learn new thgs. new frens. i managed to gain more on how to think laterally - instead of go vertical, critically. sometimes it sounds absurd - but most ppl r absurd. so wat? aku managed to learn the differences between novel ideas, creativity and many more. and experiencing many series of headache - since we r all been trained to think vertically, to be a problem solver. we never knw how beautiful it is - to be able to think 'out of the box', doin thgs like nbdy does, and think in a different ways, as well.

and yeah - thgs happened, too. i feel bad. i never ever scream shyte out loud, giving sort of 'kata putus' to anyone at all. but dis time around - i've been pushed a lil too far, and u knw i dun like it God sake. i am sorry for bein a scumbag. i never mean to be dat rude. and dat bad as well. i never hate u. i jst dun like the way u acted. i hate the way u acted, doesnt mean dat i hate u. ur still a fren of mine. period.

shall be leavin for Ipoh soon. i am still in bed - beg tak kemas lagik, wit coupla thgs buggin my head.

s'times i jst wish i'd be able to read ppl - more than jst wat i am capable of, now - jst like dat. i'd be able to see wats in their head, their heart and such. so i wont go hurting myself. and i wont go making mess in others' lifes, as well. so i knw if they r tellin me the truth, or they r jst playin wit words.

but darn i am jst a plain flesh and blood. and nthg more than dat!

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