Monday, April 18, 2011

its 100!


i remember i dun really care about those yg follow my blog. no - again, dun get me wrong - i mean; u got the right to like and to read mine - dat if u feel like ur no longer interested, i dun mind at all. i always tell to myself dat i write thgs in ere, for my own satisfaction. its a place to vent out my feeling, anger, frustration, to share thgs wit ppl out there who cares and who read dis well - about my happiness and such.

it was on early last year when i started customize my 'dashboard' and added up 'followers'. its for fun actually. and at the same time - whether i like it or not - i must confess dat its sort of motivator; seeing the number of the followers increasing by month - so i'd write even more. and even better. i remember it started from 1 and finally up to 50 s'thg. and i was like.. 'wow, dah reader dah makin byk!' to myself. hahaha.. of course - i knw. theres nthg to much ado off, really. some blog r like havin hundreds of readers.. some r like thousands! whether they read urs or not - i gez dats s'thg else.. but the numbers is like.. damn!

and today - jap tadik - aku realized yg readers aku dah jadik 100 cukup! hohoho.. dis is fun. and dis is so nice, really. i knw 100 r like way back - tak de pe pun. tp bg aku - i shld say i am proud of myself, really. for such a blog like mine yg merepek2, penuh dgn shyte dis and shait dat - at least, i am smiling ear to ear now.

thanks for u ppl out there. its been 3yrs now dah pun dis blog.. and its has like 100 readers now! i knw the numbers mght not mean anythg at all - ppl say dat the who-read and who-appreciate it r way important, rather than the 'followers', but then again - i cld use it as a motivation to be even way better than it is, now.

thanks, to u guys out there. kalo rajin, tinggal la komen.. eh? haha


solo molo said...

dah tinggal komen kat sini...

Amer Nasri said...

i only have seventeen . seventeeeen . T.T

abang ensem said...

Dahsyat la lu bro. Gua kagum.. Anyway, Congrats beb.

Jerung Rimba Putih said...

yayyyy... congrat2.. (^_^)y

jerry maguire, jr. said...

solo molo - hahaha.. thanks!

amer - been there too, trust me! but then again, i gez ur doin ok!

meor - thanks, bro!

JR - yeah, thanks! :-)