Monday, April 25, 2011

i aint manic. Monday, is.

i had a long drive today. and a long day too. usual thang, usual routine. i stopped havin kinda high expectation - way back then. and i remember goin there wit nthg in my head - i was numb all the way. it aint a good day for me today. but then - i managed to pull thru, alhamdulillah. started the day wit someone mad and pissed off at me. i had most of the thgs i need to be done - alrite. till i received a call - a reminder, remind me s'thg yg aku malas nak fikir. but i had no choices to choose. and i decided to jst go wit the flow.

i rushed thru thgs. for i need to get back home by 6pm. ths r like usual, but kinda different from the usual. they told me to hold on - there cld be sthg good in my way. i was thrilled. but jst for a while. i remember i went thru dis like coupla time - and i ended running in circle. same old shyte. i wld tell u lie if i had no hope on dis, at all. it'd be sucha white lies, really. but i keep it low. i prefer not to think about it. but i'll pray - God sake. i jst need more time.


Mr Bong will observe my teaching trow. i am fine wit it. dis is not the first time, really. but his decision to bring like 3 junior lecturers inside my class - damn i wish i cld say no. but then - he told me dat i am doin great in handling my P&P - he loves the way i teach the boys/gals, and i hav no reason to feel uneasy wit the juniors..

well at least dat made my day. gosh i need to read a bit. heh.

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