Saturday, April 30, 2011

hug me..

hug me..
a n y o n e ?

when was the last time u hugged s'one, and really meant it?

oftentimes, we take for granted the 'power of hug'. its s'thg dat is free, but we dun giv it a damn and dun giv it out often enuff. hugs hav been increasingly diminishing in frequency these days, ppl dun really hav a second chance to spare to hug s'one they love anymore. dis is so sad, i think - b'coz as for me - hug can really do so much. it can ease a person's suffering, it can soothe a person's feeling, it can make a person feel loved and cared, and special. it can calm a person's fears - and the list goes on! i cant tell u enuff how beneficial a hug can be if given, sincerely.

most ppl limit their hugs only to a partner, or a wife/husband. but when was the last time u hugged a fren, or a fmly member for dat matter? come to think of it - if u havent hugged any.. u shld be scared now.

but its never too late, u knw. a hug is a powerful way of showing affection, and ppl always need affectin (even tho s'times they r not willing to admit it). maybe ur not used to hugging, or simply u dun wanna be seen as a weak. or a sentimental freak. heh. dats alrite. but u'll be surprised at wat a hug can accomplish. t'm not talkin about a fake or superficial hug dat is forced and has no emotions behind it. i am talking about the kind of hug dat can be felt not just physically, but emotionally. not only will the recipient feel its effect, u'll feel em too! and darn - it feels good to receive a sincere hug!

so - go hug a loved one, today. and do it sincerely. and often. u never knw if ur gonna get the chance of doin dat, trow. and - of coz; never underestimate the power of a hug.

hav a pleasant long weekend, ppl!

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