Tuesday, April 26, 2011


dear whom-dis-may-concern;

"after everythg, after all dat - after all we've went thru - ur still ere, i am still alive, and we r even closer. i cant seem to make out y on earth is dat i need u. but i do. but why u? out of everyone i've ever had. u've hurt me before. we've hurt one another. but its u, still.

maybe its b'coz i see the silver lining tracing the clouds dat reflect in ur eyes. maybe ur smile - it melts me away, jst like dat. maybe u 'sickening' part - i gez dats the best trait, and i fall for it. and those eyes - those eyes dat shine above the rest. the ones dat never change thier reflection. even in the darkest of times - i can still see it well. those eyes - ur eyes, giv me the same hope i see in u everyday. every early in the morn., when i am struggling to start my day. and those smiles - they jst make me happy. i dun hav words to describe it.

if u lose hope, i lose it too. pls dun giv up on me. i've watched so many ppl walk in and away from my life - but u - u remained ere beside me. laughing, make me happy. smiling, cryin, screaming, sharing thgs, tots and many more..

u've been thru it all. u see - while everyone is walking out, i'll be the one person - the only person, dat stays. i am not letting u go. never. and i am not goin anywhere, God sake.."



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Aby QisIma said...

well-defined and well said.. heheheee.. :D .. ;)