Monday, April 25, 2011

hint from nature..

quit? life?

y shld u quit? they say quitters never win. but u cant win like all the time, aye? so? y shld u say to urself 'i am beaten and ere i stay'? it is up to u to hang on, refusing defiantly to be kept down. as all - in dis life, if there were no defeats - there wld be no victories.

u hav to look around u. watch nature at work, in the garden, in the park, field, or hedgerow. there u see the urge to win, to climb, demonstrated clearly. there u see common plants dat in the struggle refuse to quit. if they r beaten down, then they creep and crawl, if need be under ground, to life and light.

u see it everywhere - dis urge to win. to survive. and yet u wanna quit?

take a lesson from life around us. refuse to be a quitter and fight and build to health, expansion and usefulness. for only if u r useful in however indirect and small a way can u acquire even a small success and satisfaction.

trust me - u, and me - all of us; we possess enormous spiritual re-sources. so dun be scared. theres no use of being one. draw on em. be a winner - not a quitter.

after all - lifes like dat.

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