Thursday, April 21, 2011


cant sleep last nite. at 2.30am - aku still tossing up and down, tryin to figure out wat the hell is wrong wit me dat i jst cant put m mind to a rest - instead of it goes running, marching all over places. i keep staring into the darkness, i am not sure of wat i am thinkin of. the silence around me - damn it was so spooky.

so aku woke up - aku did some readin. i din find any reason to stay still in bed while i knw i jst cant close my eyes and sail to the MumuLand like everybdy did. and thank God, by 5am - aku started to yawn.. and 6.15am - aku dah bgun siap for Subuh, and siap2 nak off for work.

i am goin to drive str8 to KK Parit, Then KK Beruas and the last one is KK Pantai Remis. kinda distance away, i knw. the tot of bein away from the office thrills me - but again, to drive alone is s'thg else. ermm..


i've made up my mind. and i wont turn back God sake.

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