Wednesday, April 27, 2011


birdie on yr head..

yeap yeap - dun look at me like dat. i knw its kinda early for a guy like me to do the blog updating kinda stuff. but i did dat like most of the day, remember? so dat aint biggie, i think.

crashed my Mumuland around 11.30pm. i was dead sleepy, really. had my like 5 hrs sleep, by 4.30am aku dah wide awake. heh - be it. aku bgun solat tahjud/hajat.. and continued doin my golek2. baju dah iron. and it was way darn early to mandi and siap2 pun. giler pe? so aku went downstairs, made myself a regular-daily big mug of Nescafe, a bit of oats. and gulped me all down, rite away. wit all those hideous tablets.

7.15am - aku dah kat canteen. sedap plak nasik lemak Kak Ton CC beli kan aku semlm. she said she bought it kat kantin hospital. so i was there - wondering around, scratching my non-itchy bald head - looking for the rite nasik lemak. damn - theres so many nasik lemak, i jst dun knw which is which. shait. aku shldve jst mintak tolong Kak Ton the fat CC to buy for me je senang.. and gez wat? aku got it wrong. Kak Ton said 'bukan nasik lemak ni lah! yg ni tak sedap..'. and aku was like.. fcuk.

went thru my schedule. no classes, no clinical teaching. wow. for the first time. like, err.. most of the days? heh. no lah. i mean - aku hav coupla thgs to do - pre-clinical schedule budak2 neh, and few thgs regarding dorg nyer sumatif aku need to look into. and trow - 3hrs of teaching on PHC Post Basic class on Wellness Intervention; Stop Smoking Counseling.

kinda numb. sleepy. i had nthg in my head.

damn i think i left my brain back home. shait. owh, btw - morning peeps!

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