Tuesday, April 26, 2011

do not blame fate.

salam. and g'morn., peeps!

hav u heard about the Law of Attraction? nothg biggie really. u need not to go throwing fit, if u dunno dat. i cant remember where did i read it, but it sticks in my mind alrite. and i think i'd like to share it wit u..

the Law of Attraction is simply dat like attracts like, and we attract to ourselves those conditions - which harmonize wit and form the objective counterpart to our internal thinkin. we cannot blame fate - never. we cant blame luck, we cannot blame chances, let alone blaming to ohers, and we cannot blame thgs for wat we r and where we r. we can - in the ultimate analysis, only come back to the first cause - which is the character of out tots.

it is a hard medicine to accept dat b'coz its so much easier to get a scape-goat and say, 'all my misfortune is due to dis circumstances, to dis and dat person, to dis and dat thang..'. owh dammit - it is so nice to blame it all on someone, or sthg else. u knw wat i mean.

as for me - its easy. i dun believe in co-incidence. but i do, in fate.

hav a gr8 Twos-day!

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