Monday, April 18, 2011


reached home by 6.30pm semlm - all the way from Seremban. tak singgah mana2 pun - basically sumer org (dat is aku, Mail, the stdnts) penat. naik je bus - kena aircond - sumer pakat2 flat.. smpai Tapah.

i had a great time-off there in Seremban - for the program Kelab Kebudayaan for the both colleges. the shows, the games et al - w'pun byk hick-up here and there - i gez dat wasnt matters; since stdnts yg arranged pun.. aku as pengajar pengiring je, and penyelaras kelab. it was fun to be able wats the stdnts crazy for - the K-Pop and such. and semlm - dr pg smpai around 11am - i was under the sun involved wit all the sukan rakyat; main bola in kain batik, galah panjang, bola beracun, ting-ting watsoever. and yeah - aku sun-burnt. i knw u'd go sayin 'heh, dat wldnt make u any different pun!'.. shut up. for mmg lengan aku, leher aku extra burn. mencit. but i did hav a great time - wit all the great special ppl around, great thgs comes together. and i gez i worth it well.

smpai rumah - aku flat. mandi, iron baju keje, siap pe patut.. aku dah terbungkang dpn the idiotbox - feelin kinda feverish. i had dis feelin of i need to drink more, but perut aku dah kembong dgn air.. cemaneh? and i felt like less-hydrated too. too long under the sun kot.. and sweat like a pig too. i mean - the cute one of coz. the pink one. the one dat can talk tu! yeah - the Babe. pwekk!


aku cepek dis from
Ghaz's. ko pun kena eh?

ok. lets switch mode now. into some sort serious thang, now. if u read my blog, or if ur in my FB's frens list - u mght as well havin dis idiot on urs, by the name of Malek Mohamad a.k.a Hanafi Othman (which i am sure none of em both r real). he had coupla others account as well, at least dat wat i've been told by a fren of mine. i remember he requested to be a fren coupla times - after rejected like few times - aku approved je la.. both of the account (and dammit - i wasnt knw dat its the same person!). we never say hi to one another - until last Saturday.

i was browsing the net, the FB was on as well - when he buzzed chat me - from his Malek Mohamad account. after like 5 mins chatting - thgs went different - he asked me 'saya bley urut bdn abg kalo nak - cuma rm150 je' kinda thang. and when i told him dat it aint goin to happen - since aku in Ipoh and he was not - he started to be hostile; sayin dat 'abg jgn tipu - abg kat Serdang.. saya tau'. it was kinda idiot of him - i put there in my stat as 'study in Serdang', not 'staying and working in Serdang'. i told him off nicely regarding dat - when he started to 'bg la pinjam rm150 dulu, nak byr sewa rumah' kinda thang.

aku kept my mouth shut - i've seen dis like a lot, and i hav no time to entertain such thang. i was thinking - by stayin away and not replyin to his chat - will do me good. but apparently, it is not. he started to ugut me, saying dat 'aku ada pic ko, ko akan menyesal nanti'. tersentak jap aku. giler ke, bodoh mamat neh? or both? aku thanked God for aku tak ada any futher conversation or anythg at all wit dis idiot creature. and the 'best' part is - aku was not alone yg terkena. ramai dah kwn2 aku - claimed so. the modus operandi sama - as told by frens; nak byr yuran adik skol la, rumah terkunci tak byr sewa la et al. bila org refused - he went wild, maki2 tak tentu hala, nak santau dll.

aku tak fhm. dah twice org guna pics aku in FB dorang and claimed as their own pic profile. still aku bley thn - w'pun aku mengelupur la sekejap. fake profile using my pics too - in one of the laman sosial yg 'tak sesuai', still aku ok - w'pun aku was down and ended up wit a police report. and dis - damn! aku terkejut jap. ppl said dis idiot is capable in doin thgs, good in IT as well. aku geram - bukan sebab apa - jst dat b'coz he's so idiot and bodoh. trying to gain life thru an easy way aye? peras ugut org? duh!!

aku tau he mght be everywhere. he mght be coming in - requesting for more.and damn - he's out there, alrite. jst be careful.

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