Friday, April 29, 2011


sometimes in life - we human being; we never knw how to appreciate thgs. until the thg dat u hav slip away, went away - for good; only then u knw how it is for u. how good it is, for u - God sake. we human being, we tend to look for more. we crave for more. we go seeking for the very best - putting thgs dat in ur hand, at risk.

no - i dun mean dat u hav to stay stagnant and thanking God for wat u hav. and u dun hav to change. or u dun hav to strive in life for the betterment. no i dun mean dat.. wat i am tryin to say is - the ability in us to appreciate thgs while we hav em in our hands - and never let em slip away. for we never knw how its gonna be in the future.

as for me - i thank God for wat i hav now. its the best thg in life, God sake.

dammit, i am so blessed. and i wont go askin for more.

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