Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3yrs now!

dah 3 tahun!

pejam celik pejam celik - lagi few days to come; dis blog of mine dah berusia 3 tahun 1 bulan! argkh, stupid me for missing its anniversary. or the birth date. watever it is. i love dis blog of mine. it feels like a part of me. i never tell anybdy like i do in dis, alrite. tho.. yeah - its not all in there, but most of thgs in my life - is there.

been thru shyte for so many times dealing wit dis blog, really. i privatized it coupla times for some reasons - tho i've been told to do so way back then. i knw it'd be good if i do so - but i decided not to then - for i hav my own reason for doin so.

i am not sure about the readers. i knw a lot of them alrite, and frankly speakin - i dun really knw y ppl r reading dis. no, duin get me wrong. i am not tryin to be rude. i am honored for there r ppl out there readin dis petty thang of mine - but then.. again, i gez theres nthg much in there. i rambled a lot, carot a lot, and most of the time - i talked or wrote on not-so-important thgs, and they r all about me, myself. i had no nice beautiful pics on scenery, food and such. they r all so so je pun.. but recently - the followers dah 99 org! i wonder who'd be the 100th, eh? haha

i used to write in i hav a wonderful writings in there as well (perasan jap) - but i hav to quit for some reasons - and i found Blogger is kinda nice anyway. i dun really mind about the accessibility, the hi-tech thang provided - i jst wanna write.. dats all. as long as i can vent out, share thgs, merepek sket2 - God sake, i am alrite wit it. best part of dis Blogger - i can jst mms my writing to the add., and they'll update the blog rite away. as for me - dat suit me alrite for idea aku dtg tak tentu hala - time mood nak menulis - time drive kete, time jogging even time dlm tandas pun bley!

now dat 2m2h dah masuk 3 thn 1 bln, i still hav a lot to learn, a lot to write and a lot to share. i hope i'll be able to write more. will hav more time to come, insyaAllah.


solo molo said...

happy belated anniversary Sir...
suka baca blog Sir...

Jerung Rimba Putih said...

keep up the good and inspired writing SIR.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Solo Molo - thanks! and thanks for liking it as well.. :-)

Jr - wow.. thanks to u too. insyaAllah, will do.

Jerung Rimba Putih said...

promise not to forget me ok..

Hafriz Mohamad said...

God bless u SIR. hihihi~
org klate payoh la nk kecek omputih sir..+ ngn x pndai plok. BI dpt ckup mkn.. brbelit gigi nyebut..hehe

anyway. nice blog! ^_^