Friday, March 11, 2011


i wanted to write about dis for days now, but am struggling to find a better words hell yeah. i wanted to talk to someone regarding dis as well - but i gez its gonna be darn dry. and boring. so i decided to write about it. of coz - dis blog of mine aint gonna say a word then, aye?

i dun knw how to say dis - but i feel so at peace now. i dun really knw exactly at wat point i was able to feel dis way - but i am so at peace wit the state of my emotions now, and it is great alhamdulillah.

like i've said before - i've realized a lot of thgs these past months. it was hard for me. i came to a point when i'd rather jst stay still, and be it - wat ever it is. but lately - dis peace dat i've been experiencing - its kinda different kinda peace and i am telling u - darn its wonderful.

i realized dat i've been creating my own kinda peace, for owh-so-long. in the past, i felt peaceful everytime thgs go my way well, like when thgs r goin wel at work, wit my family, wit my frens and loved ones. but now i realized dat even tho i can create some kinda peace on my own, its of a poor thang. its darn shallow. and fleeting.

but dis peace dat i am experiencing rite now, it doesnt come from me or anyone else. its from up above, i believe. i knw dis b'coz its such a different kinda peace, one dats pure and encompassing. damn i can really describe it - its kinda spirit in me dat sustains me thru out the day. i am happy. and i am eager to face every petty thgs in life. dun get me wrong - i still feel sad sometimes, and scared too. but s'where deep inside - a certain kinda peace steadies me, calms me. and keeps me goin, insyaAllah.

now i recognize the difference. and i knw i am stronger. bring it on, wat ever it is, to come.. i knw i am gonna be jst fine..

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