Wednesday, March 9, 2011

worry sick. sick worrying.

Sometimes i thnk too much. And i worry too much as well. I tend to thnk too much over sthg I dun hav to. I tend to thnk over thgs I need not to. And its killing me. I am worry about ppl around me, not knwing if its gonna be worth it or not. Or perhaps, wld theu worry over me jst the way I do? I dun knw. I wish I cld stick to wat I've been tellin everybdy, its urslf first. Its urself first dat u gotta take care of. Worry of. For if ur not, nbdy wld. 

But then, I jst cant help myself. Darn I feel like an idoit. Heh.


TimTams said...

Oh gosh, its like you've read my mind. I am feeling this way the whole of today and since yesterday. Although I felt like pulling my hair out just because I feel frustrated...aaaargh!!!

thoyol said...

mid life crisis i guess. LOL..

no worries, it tend to happened. to me also. Haih..