Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ur head!

full? half full?
*its all in ur head!*

think i wanna share wit u guys about coupla steps on how to feel good about urself. u knw wat i mean - how to hav a good tots on ur ownself, be blessed wit wat and who ur kinda thgs like dat. i knw it is hard to tune the way we think - when we've been livin wit sort of thinkin, for ages.

but the - its gonna be a worth tryin, duncha think so?

  1. is stress good for u? - stress can be defined as anythg whch makes a demand on us to respond. but it is our response to stress dat is important in terms of our health. if a stressful situation causes anxiety, tension, raised blood pressure and so on - over a period of time it can lead to illness. another person - who responds to the same pressures wit a relaxed, no-sweat attitude may not suffer ill effect - u knw wat i am sayin. stress cld be over-rated. yet it is a fact dat stress is actually good for us. positive stress, dat it is. it motivates u, provides essential stimulus to move on.
  2. positively, positively tot-ful - the glass is either half full or half empty.. depending on our attitude. we may not be able to control wat happens to us thruout our lives; but we can control our tots and reactions to these events.. duncha think so? instead of constantly looking for the worst in everythg, we can always begin to look at wat opportunity it mght provide. when we r faced wit a particular challenge - we can either giv ourselves wings to fly by sayin 'dammit i can!' or tie ourselves to the ground wit a ball and chain by telling ourselves 'shait, i cant!'. darn we never knw how high we can fly!
  3. blow a fuse, and release pent up anger! - human beings r equipped wit a standard yet wonderful mechanism "flight or fight", which must've served our forefathers incredibly well when confronted wit ferocious animals. but now - we r livin in a different world. our opponet is no longer a wild animal - it is an arrogant goal-for-the-day boss, a nagging sickening partner, or an unruly minimons who keeps our adrenalin levels topped up. u cannot ur beautiful boss on her nose, but u can equip urself wit a 'punchbag'. heh, u knw wat and how it is.
  4. smile and bring the magic back into ur life! - the simple action of smilin stimulates the release of a powerful neuropeptides - which r responsible for feelins of happiness, joy and peace God sake. so remind urself to smile more often, even if its for no reason watsoever! smilin reminds u dat ur more than jst ur problems. it reminds u dat ur beautiful and everythg is gonna be jst fine.. jst the way it is. easy aye?
  5. be grateful - say 'terima kasih', 'thanks' a lot more. wit a smile. and mean it well. try it. and see the different. heh. dammit. i knw how it is.

erm.. darn can i go back now?

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