Thursday, March 31, 2011


its all in ur head?

wat is trust? hav u ever think about it? hav u ever wish, hoping ppl will trust in u? and u keep on sayin 'u hav to trust me' or 'u dun trust me' kinda thang - yet u dun giv it a shyte wat does dat mean, to u? or to others? its subjective, alrite. trust - for me - jst like respect; u dun deserve em both. who the hell r u anyway? but u gain em well. u gotta work for em both. u gotta act, u gotta behave coherently, relevantly to wat ur sayin. for otherwise - words will always be jst words. ppl will definitely lose the respect on u. and they wont go trust in u, anymore. any longer.

for me - trust is both an emotional and logical act. emotionally - its where u expose ur vulnerabilities to others; but believing they'll not take advantage of ur openness. where as - logically - it is s'thg else. then again - i always believe dat trust is a bit of both. i trust u b'coz i've experienced ur trustworthiness and b'coz i've faith in human nature. too ideal, aye? bulshait.

we feel trust. emotions associated wit trust, including companionship, friendship, love, agreement, relaxation of mind, comfort at heart and such. but the again - as i said before - trust is sthg subjective. there r always numbers of different ways on how we can define trust - and its up to u.

trust me - nbdy deserve trust. its sthg dat u gain. wit trust - there'll be respect. and wit respect - there'll be love. and when there's love; there'll be life.


crashed at 11pm, ended up at Harmoni by 3am in the morn. i hate it alrite. but i hav no choice. by 5am, aku dah kat rumah. cant sleep. feelin numb. i was hoping for somethg good.. i mean - i was tryin to find for somethg good to hold on to - to start the whole day, nicely. and i was thinkin dat i am gonna be alrite. not until i stumbled into some shitty thang - perhaps i dun need to knw - but then, finally i did. i jst did.

'thank you' will be a damn perfect phrase for it, i think.

dat aint biggie. i aint say a word. life's like dat. and i jst hav to move on. wit wats left in me. and around me.

hav a pleasant day, peeps!

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Aby ... said...

neither one of us could trust each other, in fact, not even to your very closed friends... why i say this? it's because FIRST THING, u need to trust yourself before u trust others..

We might be an ideal person to someone out there just b'coz they ONLY KNOW the "cover", NOT the "content".. words spoken don't necessary say who u r coz if u r a consultant (e.g.), would u dare to be such a frank person to ur customer(s)? so, to me, words doesn't show who u really r, but actions speak louder than words..

emotions do easily been reflected thru' actions, yet only certain people could see what the actions really portray of true emotions.. and only certain gifted individuals have that ability.. conveying your true emotions through words are barely easy compare to an action that could tell the whole story..

so, as to conclude, trust+respect+sincere+mutual understanding will strengthen a bond between two individuals, and in fact amongst those in a society.. hence, with experiences & ability to tackle on-going-&-trouble-shooting incidents in life will determine how mature u r, therefore, sharing those with ur loved ones(family & friends) might give either little or greater impact to someone out there, which in return might change his/her life towards brighter life..

don't ever loose hope & faith in whatever it takes to enhance a better life.. i know u can do it.. cayyooo jerry .... ;-)