Thursday, March 10, 2011


its hard!

there comes a time in our lives, or even jst a time in our SUPAbz days; when we pause, reflect and think out our LIVES. we r consumed by a lot of tots and emotions. s'times when these tots rush into our minds; we turn and question God. we ask questions like, 'why?', how?', 'when?' and such. and often than not - we dun really get the answer we seek for. and we'll feel sad. full of anger. hatred. and tears will jst roll out from our eyes. its no a depression, its jst good old melancholic sadness dat envelops us.

we look at our lives; and see some of the empty spaces, we pick out the ares dat r lackin and we ask ourselves - r we really 'living'? or r we merely existing? but even tho thee r times when we think about these thgs - its kinda relief s'time too, b'coz then we get to 'talk to God'. an we realize dat all we can really do is trust Him. we can go thru our lives either blindly or wit a purpose - we can move forward wit or w/o plans - but ultimately; its His plans up there dt matters. and all we can really do is ask, pray, work it out and hav faith.

lets not dwell on the sadness. for life's too precious for dat. and life's too short to fill up wit all those unnecessary thgs. b'coz even tho we feel the sadness s'times; we can still reveal in the happiness dat life brings.

jst trust Him.

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