Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tapak kasut? nak?

i was fine dis morning. jovial mood - tho i knw i had shait in the room waiting for me to clear up. literally la - not a real shait pun. i mean - works to be done before dis Friday - since i wont be in startin next Monday for the whole freakin week. i had a good laugh et al wit Ajak, Apiz, Ameer and such - when somethg happens.

s'one stepped on my nerve. purposely. a senior, dat is. he knws i dun like to involve wit all dis bulshait - sweet talkin good for nthg, i dun like to be involved wit all those hear-say and libatkan nama aku jugak. and he went around selling my name. as if i was the fool who went around teelin tales. supa-bangang. aku byk keje lain to crack story la, dowh! its u yg feel so damn insecure. not me. jst dat ko tak puas ati, ko byk masalah, ko tadak org lain nak sembang wit - ko dtg bilik aku buat muka gampang; askin me to 'spare sometime and listen to me', and i did. and dis is the way ko pay aku eh?

fine. ur a senior. ur someone. but hold on - do i giv it a shait? u think i am fool? so now ur the hero, and i am the scum-bag? hahaha.. fine.

darn i knw how to deal wit dis. u jst wait and see. fcuk shait - i jst love dis 'mode; tapak kasut ke muka'.


ADfeez said...

choose : heels 7 inci atau tapak kasut lebar dengan ladam kuda? :P

solo molo said...

lempang dia laju-laju 48 kali...