Monday, March 14, 2011

proud to be Malaysia, not.

Ultraman je?
wat about Sinchan etc?

wow. sucha 'funny', aye? funny dat u can make fun of the whole situation. i used to hav a good respect to dis bloody Berita Harian. but i gez - somehow or rather, it aint anymore. ppl r cryin, sedih wit the whole thang - yet buat kelakar bodoh pulak. weh Berita Harian - wheres ur bloody Ketua Editor eh? ko keje ke tak? or main taram je approve segala mala, janji material published and masuk market? so all the org kampung ulu banat yg tak tau mender, and hanya berkiblatkan Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia - akan berguling2 atas lantau gelak wit ur idiot lawak babi? owh, pls.

and now - even CNN pun reporting on dis. shyte. malu weh! aku feel like so uncivilized. tak berhati perut. or wait - perhaps, dis is the spirit Malaysia The Boleh-Land? where every single thang is Boleh? even bodoh bangang mcm ni pun, Boleh lah! heh. i gez - to the Editorial Board of BH, ready to take dis joke and shove up ur own arse. and yeah - be ready to cover ur arse-hole too eh, jgn lupa tu.

aku remember how mak cerita kat aku how sad she was, dat she cried seein the whole shyte of wat happened to Japan and the ppl there. beb, it aint funny la. maybe tak kena kat mak bapak dorg kot, eh? or, perhaps - they r still havin all those lame, idiot and stupid, insensitive plus uncivilized 'ppl' in BH? heh.

owh, btw - u mght alrdy knw dis. but if u r not - u can click dis and read the CNN thang. wow. its amazing aye? Malaysia Boleh!!

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