Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a plain..

semlm, by 11pm - aku dah kinda drowsy, and aku hit the sack rite away after not bein able to complete wat aku shldve been completed semlm itself. theres coupla thgs aku need to be done and submitted on early dis morn. - tp nanti la aku buat kat ofis nanti. i bet wit a bit of concentration - the so-called task can be done sekejap je. the problem wit me now - aku easily get distracted.

by 3.30am - aku fully awake. theres coupla thgs in mind - baju keje tak iron lagik, and a few other thgs bothering me hell yeah. after tossin up and down for like 30mins., aku decided to wake up - do wat aku shld do - iron baju, bancuh my big mug of Nescafe, mandi, solat tahajud/hajat - and lepak2 tunggu Subuh. tot of doin the work yg tak sempat buat semlm - but then.. heh. dats the problem wit me. aku can easily fall asleep yeah. but to maintain it up till the breakin dawn - dats the hardest part. on some sweet early morn like dis - aku feel kinda ok to be fully awake; enjoyin the silence and havin the privilege doin thgs, kickin of the day way earlier. but most of the time - it really hurts me for i cant be jst the way every other ppl - enjoyin their MumuLand up to the max and such.. ermm.

few thgs to do at the office today. i hav no hrs or teachin today, and no 'jaga-exam' as well. and i strongly believe - i hav no clinical teachin hrs, too. i am goin to use the time to do few thgs yg dah tertangguh - aku need to get em all settled before early of next month, jst in case.

life? thgs went well alhamdulillah. jst the way i wish it'd be. kinda miss coupla frens dat used to be around me like most of the time - but i gez dats the way life is. we get occupied wit life, wit thgs in life. we get drifted away sometime. but even if i do - it doesnt mean dat i am havin all those ppl outta my head, really.

gotta go. and Subuh nak masuk real soon. think i'd better get ready. hav a great Tuesday, ppl!

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