Sunday, March 13, 2011

nitey nite!

sweet home!

finally, after like 2hrs of driving thru the by-ways and the high-way, finally aku reached home. mak was like 'bebel2' sket since Saturday aku smpai dah ptg, and today - initially i was planning to hit home around 6pm. she insisted me to stay for a while, and catch a dinner. so - i did.

its been a while since aku balik kg pun. the last time was - CNY, last month. the minimonsters pun bising2 sayin dis and dat - lama tak balik la, pak long tak ingat kg la, and such. heh. only if they knw how tunggang langgang my schedule was. but then - i knew; there shld be no reason at all when it comes to not havin time to spend wit the whole family, esp mak abah. aku remember dah aku've made a pack dat at least aku will be hit back to kampung like every 2 wks time. but then.. *sigh*

and today - it aint a good one, too for me. but somehow - towards the end, aku managed to adopt and adapt, and carry on. tho there is still kinda numb and draggin feelin in me, i gez i hav no choice but to move on. i'll be fine - as usual. i knw.

done wit iron baju keje. tie, socks, brief et al. so, esok.. bgun mandi siap2 terus bley blah pi ofis. and esok - budak2 dah masuk kuliah - since they r done wit their mid-sem off days. heh.

gnite, ppl. hav a good rest. a sound sleepin. and sweet dreams, as well..

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ADfeez said...

goodnite busy man :)