Tuesday, March 15, 2011


was on the road since early morning. dats wat was in the schedule for me, today. knowing it way earlier - aku refused to masuk ofis pun.. so by 7am aku dah otw pi KK Ulu Dedap and KK Changkat Lada - doin my clinical teaching and supervision. so far - thgs went well. the LPs, stdnts at the both clinics r doin ok - jst i expected em to be. we discussed on coupla thgs - admission, clerking simple cases, management and such.. by 2pm - i am done.

off to the gym around 5pm, since dah lama sgt tak pi. Brian by the time he saw me - argkhh.. mcm biasak - lots of q's; dis and dat, tak konsisten etc. aku sengih2 je, and did my routine. since he was around - darn aku was really under the tip of his nose and i aint gettin a single chance nak cilok2 pun. kerjis! done wit 1.5hrs - aku dah flat giler. rasa nak gelonsor je turun tangga.. even until now pun - the body ache is killin me, freakin shyte.

gotta hit MuMuLand early tonite. i'll be havin a long journey trow morning - as early as 4am. dis is the time i'd be able to spend it nicely wit the whole family around. hope its gonna be worth a break.

gnite, ppl. hav a pleasant dreams!

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