Wednesday, March 2, 2011

nerdy me.

dah sejam,
pe haram tak siap lagik..

esok talk kat Penjara Taiping. and aku need to drive up there - tho aku not advisable to drive alone at time being; i gez i hav no choice. 4hrs of talk on Suicidal Management and Depression. heh. to all the somebdy2 there. slides tak prepare lagik. i knw dis aint gonna be pain in the arse - tp basically, aku not in the good mood to do anythg at all.

i gez i am having my head left somewhere kat bilik tdo. aku jst cant concentrate. aku jst cant dedicate even a bit of attention on all dis freakin thgs, alrite.

wat is wrong wit me?



i''ll take charge thgs yg aku bley control. for those yg aku cant - theres no way i can, even tho God knws how i wish i can. and i gez - theres no need to suffocate myself wit thgs i cant control - for if it is meant to be.. for if it is meant to happen - no matter how i try, to matter how hard aku control the whole shyte - it still go on as it is.

aku started to think i shld forget the whole thg, and get back to life the way i am - before. less worries, take thgs as it is.


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