Monday, March 7, 2011


nthg much to do. stdnts r on mid-sem break. yet we still hav to come to work - unless u apply for leaves. i am not - for i do hav coupla thgs to be done - especially waktu2 mcm ni yg sah2 u wont be bug by all the unnecessary. except from bein disturbed yg yr bosses - dats somethg else. or perhaps, by someone yg nthg, yet claim to be A boss. sicko.

while i am updating dis, it seems like Ajak is so grossly concentrate doin his work. i was like - wow, Ajak u really work! kinda thang. and as expected - sah2 aku kena charot. hahaha..

ermm.. i posted the above pics since - i dun knw wat to do pun. but then - the above r some of my fav., at random. dah lama pun aku tak pegang kamera - since tak ke mana-mana pun.. bosan plak asyik amek pics dkt2 ni je..

heh. bley tak kalo aku balik, eh?


Ajak dtg tumpang printer bilik aku. and mintak tlg aku punch-out. bley?


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