Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mistakes, no.

hows dat?
ada bran?

nbdy like makin mistakes. do u? no, thanks. i am not. unless u wanna go thru life as a complete recluse - ur guaranteed to make one every now and then. but then - we r human bein. flesh and blood. we cannot run from makin mistakes in life. i gez it aint dat bad after all. for if u learn from mistakes correctly - they can propel will u forward. and yeah - wit a consideration - dun ever think of takin thgs for granted larr..

u must also realize dat mistakes r an essential part of self improvement. dun be overwhelmed wit guilt and regret - analyze how u can learn from them. i knw how it is - dammit i learn from some, too!

but then, how to learn from mistakes? let me share wit u coupla thgs..

apologize wit some dignity. enuff said. if u've made mistakes dat harm others, it is important to offer a dignified apology. be clear dat is was an unfortunate incident dat will never, never, ever be repeated. a good apology can go along way to restoring trust. and trust me - dat IS the hardest part! but if u dun apologize -out of embarrassment or unwillingness, the offended person will hold it against u, for sure. if ur apology is sincere; the other person is likely to forgive u. do it in person, tho i knw its tuff. however, once u hav apologized - its a mistake to repeatedly say sorry for the same mistake. some ppl keep apologizing over and over, and darn dats so irritating. its better, i think - to sincerely apologize once and then move on.

Type A Personality sucks, big time. so dun be a perfectionist. if u go thru life afraid to make a mistake, u'll spend most of ur life doin absolutely nthg. theres no harm in makin mistakes - it is an essential part of goin forward. the more responsibility u take on, the more likely u'll make mistakes. for if u feel the need to avoid mistakes at any costs, it becomes a psychological barrier to takin risks. ad if u make a mistake, jst dun go retreat into a shell.

dun go wastin time tryin to justify mistakes. heh. time is so freakin 'emas'. so y bother? but then - unfortunately; its our natural instinct to try to justify our actions. when u make a mistake, the initial reaction is to blame someone else. err, we r rite? i mean - we do. stop denyin it God sake.

"yes, i drove the car into the T&G lane, instead of SmarTag. but dat aint my fault. its her fault for distracting me wit her incessant gossiping.." *bley?*

when mistakes r made - the boss is unlikely to be interested in justifications. we justify mistakes for the sake of our own ego. s'times - its best to say very simply 'yes, i made a mistake..'

and u gotta understand y the mistake occurred. u never learn? u never get enuff? ur a silly? moronic? mistakes occur for various reasons, alrite. to avoid repeating em all, u need to understand the underlyin reason. for example - u may've spoken in anger and haste, the mistake ere is to say unkind words. however - wat led u to be angry in the first place? perhaps ur chronically tired, pissed off. and i bet ur aint dat idiot to figure out how to handle all dis, rite?

u shld avoid feelin guilty about makin mistakes, but at the same time, u shld make a resolution to learn from them. so, avoid repeating the same mistakes, again and again. if u repeat the same mistakes - it shows ur not makin progress and causes repeated suffering. mistakes s'times r caused by bad habits - so u need to break dis bloody habits. the sooner u change ur habits, the sooner u'll avoid makin the same mistakes.

from ur own mistakes - u can gain wisdom and accelerate self-improvement. thus, mistakes r opportunities to learn! trust me, it is important to view mistakes as a useful steepin stone to a higher reality and better outlook in life!

as i always tell the stdnts regarding makin mistakes in life - it ok to do mistakes, for by doin mistakes - u knw wats rite and u knw wats wrong. u'll get the chance to learn from it well. ur gonna get wiser. but dun ever do the same mistakes, again and again. for by doin dat - ur jst a plain idiot.

duncha think so?

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