Tuesday, March 22, 2011


its 11am, yet aku din get the chance to go for a short break. a breakie dat is. a so-called breakie. hypo giler dah aku hav to munch pe je yg ada kat bilik aku neh - a choc bar, Milo mocha etc. nak kuar pagi tadik - Mr Bong tahan aku since he needs me to settle perubahan jadual kuliah budak2 neh.. since Yus dah start cuti bersalin. 10am - kena panggil mesyuarat pulak. 10.30am - aku baru je kunci bilik; Ameer and Fina sibuk plak suruh aku tunggu jap so dat dorang bley join aku for a breakie. heh! now dat dah 11am - breakie larr!! kerjis. while Fina and Ameer still tak abes lagik dok jaga exam.. aku dah ngetar lutot weh.

finally aku settled few thgs yg dok tertangguh since last week lagik - perubahan jadual; darn i am done wit the memo.. lawatan kebudayaan ke Seremban next month; aku dah re-arrange the date after calling ere and there, LP for dis week and next week settled, and a few other thgs. aku hope during my absence from the office nanti wont cause any trouble - for me and others; since aku dah schedule thgs, nicely.

i am havin few thgs linger in my head. i dun wanna think too much - but somehow; i knw i cant jst run away from it.. its either - i put aside and que sera sera about it.. or i stand up and face it, as it is.

or perhaps - i shall jst go wit the flow - for i knw i aint dat strong to deal wit it pun..

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